Online community platform designed

to reactivate and enhance real life.

“God blessed Israel and those who bless it."

According to Genesis 12: 3

"Only together can we take advantage of that blessing.

Keila Jerus is the practical implementation of a vision whose objective is to empower the most important resource of the evangelical communities - the community itself.

We have an ecosystem in which technology facilitates community communication and the development of models of social economy, which together contribute to the progress of each of the evangelical communities in general and the personal well-being of each member of each community.

Keila Jerus is an online platform composed of applications that facilitate intercommunal communication in all its phases and levels, from the organization of events for the congregation to job offers, promotion, and financing of projects, both spiritual and commercial.

Jerus Coin, the cryptocurrency that comes from Jerusalem, is the common currency of the community of Keila Jerus, the fundamental piece that facilitates daily interaction and the development of projects and new business models.