about us
We are a group of Israeli entrepreneurs, experts in technology and community platforms, which promote the creation of community and inter-community social economies to which we consider a fairer, more effective and appropriate alternative to the decadent national economies.
Like many other experts in the field, we consider that Blockchain systems-based technologies are the inevitable future of the financial, real estate and even civil and democratic world.
With Jerus Coin and Keila Jerus, we combine Blockchain technology with our extensive experience in digital community platforms, in order to adapt them to the needs and expectations of evangelical communities in Latin America and thus contribute to the progress and well-being of communities and communities. it's members.

Our Team

Eli Sona - CEO

 Eli Sona Smal

Born in Jerusalem in 1967, Eli set out to travel the world installing his first store in Amsterdam, where he lived for 10 years.

After several trips to the Far East, he founded a factory of ecological furniture in China that is currently distributed in the main businesses of Israel and Holland.

Since 2013 Eli started investing in technology startups and cryptocurrencies.
Given his long stays in Holland and China, he dominates both languages besides English and Hebrew, his mother tongue.

Attracted by his interest in the friendly communities of Israel and his vision of the importance of mutual cooperation between Evangelicals and Jews in March 2017, he became an investment partner in the Jerus Coin project and the Keila platform, Ecosystem for the prosperity of Evangelical communities.


Daniel Schwarz - COO

 Danny Schwarz Small

Creative, visionary and entrepreneur born -

Creator and director of the Jerus Coin project (first digital currency for evangelical communities)
● Adviser on Israeli technologies
● Founder and Director of Mad Logic - Internet Solutions (2000-present)
● Director of the Latin American Desk for Christian Friends of Magen David Adom (Israeli Red Cross) (2011-present)
● Technology Director at Magen David Adom
● Director of Diplomacy.co.il and collaborator of the Peres Foundation for Peace and Innovation.

Born in Argentina in 1965 and resident in Israel since 1986, Daniel Schwarz is considered a visionary of the Internet revolution and the penetration of virtual cyberspace in the real world.

Daniel's vision and perspective include the application of future technologies in daily life, the recognition of business opportunities, the advancement of the informative and cultural revolution, the preparation and education of the individual for life in a time of technological progress and changes that they create new generations of users year after year. Daniel is fluent in Spanish, Hebrew, and English and has a good level of Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and French.

Committed to the cause of his country, Daniel participated in dozens of community and Israeli public interest projects, directing solidarity campaigns during the second Lebanon war in 2006, during the "Cast Lead" war of 2008, enlightenment projects on Israel and plus.

Daniel maintains warm ties with Christian communities that are friends of Israel and from this mutual affection was born the Jerus project, as a way to connect the ultramodern technology in favor of the evangelical communities, for the good and prosperity of all.

Aldo O.Guazzini - Senior Programmer

Aldo Part of the developing world in 1990, he began his software development career for engineers and supermarkets. Since 1997, Aldo has been engaged in the Internet, participating in major national and international projects. Now, he is using his 30 years of experience in the blockchain revolution.

Irena Cohen - Web Designer


Designer with more than 14 years of experience in WEB with broad domain of HTML, CSS, PHP, and databases.

Graduated from EPS College for graphic design and digital media and university web developer - New Horizons.

Ariel Rubinsky - Media Director


Journalist, editor and translator Hebrew-Spanish-English, wrote in the most important Israeli newspapers and magazines, such as Haaretz, Maariv, Globes, and Calcalist.

Our Advisors

Vered Itzhaki​ - Economics and Financial Modeling Consultant


An economist with 20 years of experience in Forex coverage and tax risk analysis.

She is the executive director of Protective Financial Consulting, which specializes in financial coverage, creates financial models for outbound companies in ICO and helps make financial decisions before and during distribution.

Over the years, Vered has served as a member of the boards of directors of governmental and public companies such as Israel Electric Corporation, Neta (Urban Transportation Routes), Big and Raphael.

Maayan Keshet - Advisor in cryptocurrencies

 Maayan small

Technology expert who specializes in the intersection of finance and technological innovation.

With a degree in Computing from the University of Tel Aviv and former student of the MIT Media Lab for interdisciplinary studies in the field of FinTech, Maayan has a unique perspective on the blockchain, crypto economics and e-government.

Serving in several research and engineering leadership positions in the Israeli intelligence corps, SAP AG, and Dell Technologies, brings strategic and practical experience to the project.